Myanmar Programme Manager - Constitution Building

Deadline: 28 August 2016 

In Myanmar, International IDEA has worked in three main areas: electoral processes; transition to democracy, and parliamentary support. International IDEA is expanding its work in the field of constitution building processes in Myanmar through the support to the establishment of the Myanmar Constitution Centre - MyConstitution. The aim of MyConstitution is to foster a home-grown, well-informed and inclusive debate through learning, advocacy and advice to all stakeholders, including political parties, members of parliament, ethnic armed groups, military, media and civil society organizations (CSO).

MyConstitution’saims are to be met carrying out three main tasks: knowledge sharing, advocacy and advice. In order to share knowledge, it will offer these stakeholders training on a range of constitutional issues, on curricula based on the history of the country and comparative experiences. Issues will cover federalism, civil-military relations, natural resources management, and other issues relevant to the ongoing transition. As part of advocacy, MyConstitution aims to improve assessment and advocacy skills of local CSOs. Furthermore, it will provide on-demand expert advice on constitutional to these stakeholders and support CSOs in their advocacy on constitutional issues.

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