The Consensus Ruse of Nepal

By Nepali Times - Foreign Hand, 30 March 2015
image credit: DIWAKAR CHETTRI
image credit: DIWAKAR CHETTRI
<p>&nbsp;</p><div></div><div></div><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>The hot word in politics, as the constitution continues to never get written, is ‘<a href=",410" target="blank">consensus</a>’. It is mouthed by everyone from the PM to opposition leaders, and acted upon by no one. It’s a word nobody can argue with, or explain, especially since it’s attained an almost mythical status, inexplicably elusive and always just beyond reach. The country’s fate hangs in the balance, teetering between utopia and apocalypse, and unless the bickering parties magically conjure something up, we’re all doomed to seek consensus forever.</p>
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