Crafting a constitution for Nepal - and the role of India

By Kanak Mani Dixit , 30 March 2015
image credit: Himalayan Homestays
image credit: Himalayan Homestays
<div class="articleLead"><h2></h2><h2></h2><h2></h2><h2>In Nepal, there are hurdles to the constitution drafting that have to be resolved urgently if the radical leftists and the royalist right are not to blow away hard-won freedoms. As a player in Nepal politics, the best support India can provide is by staying outside the convention of constitution writing</h2></div><p class="body">&nbsp;</p><p class="body">&nbsp;</p><p class="body">Nepal is trying to write a constitution for the second time, after the first Constituent Assembly (CA) of four years collapsed in May 2012. The entire polity and economy of the country have suffered a state of suspension since 2006, when the People’s Movement and the end of the decade-long internal conflict promised peace and prosperity.</p>
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