Draft Thai Constitution To Include Gender Quota

By Khaosod, 1 April 2015
Photo Credit: Khaosod
Photo Credit: Khaosod
<p><span>The drafters of the new constitution have approved the first gender quota in Thai history, requiring one third of political party list candidates be women. </span></p> <p>The measure was approved by 17 &nbsp;of the Constitution Drafting Committee's 35 members in a secret ballot yesterday. Fifteen voted against the proposal and two abstained. The&nbsp;CDC was appointed by Thailand's ruling military junta to replace the constitution dissolved after the coup last May. </p>
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Adem Abebe 18 May 2016
Hello there, Thailand does not yet have a quota. Nevertheless, in countries with reserved constituency systems, such as India in relation to municipal elections, the reserved constituencies are selected often through draws, in such a way that the same constituency is not reserved more than once in every three elections (if the quota is 33%). If you would like to receive updates on constitutional developments, you may subscribe here: http://www.constitutionnet.org/dashboard

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