Myanmar military to maintain political role, president says

By Reporting by Jared Ferrie; Editing by Robert Birsel, 30 March 2015
Myanmar's President Thein Sein
Myanmar's President Thein Sein
<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Myanmar's military will maintain its role in politics in order to support a transition to democracy but will eventually submit to civilian rule, President Thein Sein said in an interview broadcast on Friday.&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 20.3999996185303px;">Myanmar was ruled by the military for 49 years before a semi-civilian government took power in 2011 and initiated widespread political and economic reforms.</span></p><p>But under a 2008 constitution drafted under military rule, a quarter of parliamentary seats are reserved for unelected serving officers, along with some key cabinet posts, giving the military an effective veto on any constitutional reform.</p>
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