Nepal moves forward on Constitution amidst opposition protest

26 January 2015
(Niranjan Shrestha\ AP Photo)
(Niranjan Shrestha\ AP Photo)
<p class="body">Amidst protest from opposition parties, Constituent Assembly (CA) Chairman Subash Nembang on Sunday announced the formation of a proposal committee to prepare questionnaire on the disputed issues of the new Constitution.</p><p class="body">&nbsp;</p><p class="body">&nbsp;</p><p class="body">A majority of lawmakers in the CA approved the move by voice vote when the CA Chair made the announcement as per Clause 91 of the CA Rules 2014. Mr. Nembang named 49 members in the 73-member committee. On Friday, when the opposition continued obstruction of the Assembly for the fifth straight day, the Chairman had said Sunday’s CA meet would be a “decisive” one.</p><p class="body">&nbsp;</p><p class="body">&nbsp;</p>
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