Op-ed: Australian Constitution should address land issues, environmental stewardship

By Patrick Dodson and Graham Perrett, 5 April 2018
photo credit: Yu Tung Brian Chan/flickr
photo credit: Yu Tung Brian Chan/flickr
Most of our symbols sit outside the constitution, and land is definitely the biggest one. This nation’s founding document contemplated a shifting definition of our borders. With such a fluid definition of this nation in our birth certificate surely Australians would feel they belong even more if they can look at a certificate of title that stretches back around 3,000 generations. This enhanced sense of belonging could also be used to generally enhance Australians’ sense of stewardship of this land. Section 51 of our constitution contains a long list of the responsibilities of the commonwealth government but caring for country is not one of them. However, first nations have continued to have this sense of duty irrespective of the white shenanigans that have taken place in the great southern kingdom with no king.
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