Op-Ed: Why Nepal’s Janajatis Feel Betrayed by the New Constitution

By Shradha Ghale, 27 October 2015
An elderly Tamang woman (photo credit: ILO/ Pradip Shakya)
An elderly Tamang woman (photo credit: ILO/ Pradip Shakya)
<p>“If you want to learn how a small and powerful minority can perpetuate its domination over the vast majority for centuries, Nepal’s high caste leaders will have much to teach you,” says Dr Chaitanya Subba, a well-known campaigner for the rights of Adivasi Janajatis, the indigenous nationalities of Nepal. In his view, the recent promulgation of the new constitution represents yet another triumph of the mighty few over the subjugated masses of Nepal. The key demands of the marginalised – identity-based federalism, proportional representation, and secularism – have been reduced to a sham in the new constitution.</p>
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