Thailand’s forgotten key

By Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang, 12 June 2014
Arirang News
Arirang News
<p>Thailand is now fully under the junta administration. The military top brass seems to know well what they have to do: drafting a roadmap to democracy, pursuing Yingluck’s policies that can revive the economy from the verge of collapse, appointing popular technocrats as advisors, and rounding up dissenters. Some academics have suggested that the junta has learned the best practice from the past coup d’états of 1931 and 2006.</p><p><br><br>Running a highly divided nation is not easy, but if Prayuth Chan-Ocha keeps the economy going, and better, growing, as well as adheres to the election date, he will find an exit from all the blame.</p>
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