Tunisia- Constituent Assembly divided over new draft Constitution

11 July 2013
<p>Tunisia's Constitutional Assembly began on Monday the discussion of a new constitution draft which was ratified by the assembly's speaker last month.</p><p><br><br>The plenary session dedicated to discuss the constitution project was attended by Foued Mbazaa, former president of the republic; Rached Ghannouchi, head of the "Ennahdha" majority party; Justice Minister Nadhir Ben Ammou; and Mustapha Filali, speaker of the country's first 1956 Constitutional Assembly.</p><p><br><br>During the speech of the constitution's general rapporteur, Habib Khedher, a number of opposition members strongly contested the proposed draft, pushing for a more consensual version presented by various committees entrusted with drafting the law.</p>
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