Why a written constitution 'need not wait for Scottish independence'

By Angus Reid , 21 May 2014
Photograph: Angus Reid
'A Modest Proposal' calling for a new constitution was installed on Mike and Sheila Forbes's barn next to Donald Trump's golf course. Photograph: Angus Reid
<p>The case for a new people's constitution is moving to the centre of the Scottish&nbsp;independence debate, but why must it rest solely on a yes vote? Scotland can take a&nbsp;lead within the UK.&nbsp;</p><p>Devolved Scotland is a very young democracy. The parliament has barely reached the&nbsp;age of consent. To understand its own identity it needs, like any adolescent, to&nbsp;question the limits and to seek its own answers to fundamental questions. A&nbsp;necessary and exciting process.</p><p><div>[toc hidden:1]</div>
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