King Abdullah II of Jordan (photo credit: European Parliament/flickr) In Jordan, royal decree gives go-ahead for parliamentary elections
30 July 2020
Amman, Jordan (photo credit: Colin Tsoi/flickr) Minister claims that Jordan's planned mergers and cancellations of commissions require amendments
21 November 2019
Amman, Jordan (photo credit: B10m/flickr) In Jordan, constitutional court rules government contract does not need parliamentary approval
17 September 2019
Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull met Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle in London in April (photo credit: AAP/Ella Pellegrini) Op-ed: A radical thought: could constitutional monarchies be important aids to democracy?
16 May 2018
Jordan parliament (photo credit: y net news) Jordan lower house passes constitutional amendments enhancing King's powers
28 April 2016