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International assistance

The role of international or external support for national processes of constitution building has an instrumental impact on the design of these processes and the institutional choices that ultimately are framed in constitutions.

Training programme

The new Constitution Builders ACCESS Resource – is an interactive training tool that reinforces sharing experiences as a means to building the capacity of practitioners to solve some of the dilemmas that they face in constitution building.


The Handbook reviews and discusses some of the institutional and procedural design choices that practitioners have recently considered during contemporary constitution building.

Issue papers

Selected issues are considered at length based on emerging and ongoing dialogues among practitioners and specialists.


A collection of multimedia resources from and about constitution-building processes.

Web links

The web links provide a comprehensive list of relevant organizations and partners working in constitution building and related subjects.

The region includes all of Africa plus the Middle East as far as Asia.

Zambia: YALI Continues to Push for Delay of Constitution

The Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) has continued their lone pursuit of prolonging constitution-making process by meeting Justice Minister Edgar Lungu to present their 10 point plan. Lungu who has yet to indicate when he will accord the Grand Coalition on the constitution audience after the 10 day window for a second meeting lapsed, eagerly met YALI who have crossed paths with other pro-constitution advocates by saying a new constitution before the 2016 general elections is not possible.

YALI, which was expelled from the Grand Coalition after releasing its 10-point plan (seen as a capitulation to the desires of the ruling party), has enjoyed massive government support in their pursuit and hailed as 'patriots' by anti new constitution advocates.

Succession under the Constitution of Zimbabwe (Part 1)

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe

This year, I set out to write an account of the new Constitution of Zimbabwe – how it was made, the negotiating history of the clauses and the rationale behind them. It is by no means an authoritative text of the meaning of the constitutional clauses but hopefully, it gives some background to the thinking behind the clauses.

Tanzania: Final draft of proposed new Constitution tabled

Andrew Chenge, Chairman of the Drafting Committee for the Constituent Assembly

Finaly, Chairman of the Drafting Committee for the Constituent Assembly, Andrew Chenge yesterday tabled the final draft for the proposed new constitution. The draft entails more than 70 percent of all Articles found in the second draft constitution along with two entirely new chapters. 

The new chapters are Chapter 3 and 11. Chapter 3 is on Land, Natural Resources and Environment while Chapter 11 is on the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, the Revolutionary Council of Zanzibar and the House of Representatives of Zanzibar. 

Fate of Somalia’s Puntland after talks collapse

It became crucial to speak of this recent issue.  Puntland cut ties with the federal Government in July 31 and  It withdrew its federal members of  parliament from Mogadishu . Puntland hosted a consultation for MPs after an agreement signed in Mogadishu stated that Mudug will be attached to central Somalia region which annoyed Puntland leaders and its people and after long debate Puntland decision concluded as always on cutting ties and presented 30 days of dialogue and consensus.

Constitution building: A Global Review (2013) - A new release by International IDEA

International IDEA has released a new report in Septemebr 2014 on Constitution Building titled: Constitution building: A Global Review (2013). This report provides a review of a series of constitution building processes across the world, highlighting the possible connections between these very complex processes and facilitating a broad understanding of recurring themes.

Revisiting Libya’s federalism question: the challenge facing the Constitutional Drafting Assembly

One consequence of Libya’s current political and military crises is that it has again brought to the fore the important question of what form state will best accommodate the demands of different interest-groups that are driving conflict in the country.The Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) will have to resolve this issue as it struggles with the difficult task of writing a permanent constitution in a very difficult political environment. The question at the heart of the issue is whether Libya should retain its unitary structure or go back to a federal system. 


Why Nepal might not have a constitution on 22 January 2015

In November 2013, Nepal elected its second Constituent Assembly (CA) to write a new constitution, a task left uncompleted by the first CA (2008-2012). The new calendar for the constitution making process set 22 January 2015 as the deadline for promulgating the Constitution. As 2014 draws to a close and the January 2015 deadline approaches however, there are emerging concerns about whether Nepal will indeed get its long -awaited Constitution in four months.

Zambia: Some team changes but does that guarantee new Constitution?

On August 28, Zambian President Michael Sata suddenly dismissed Justice Minister and Secretary General of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), Wynter Kabimba and released him from his position as appointed Member of Parliament. Kabimba, it must be recalled, was charged with overseeing the making of Zambia’s new Constitution— aimed in part at restructuring the state and modernizing its institutions. The process came to an indefinite stalemate when the government refused to release the draft Constitution finalized by the constitution technical drafting committee last December for public review and ultimate referendum vote.

When constitutions and the state fail us: lessons from Ebola

In March 2014 the deadly Ebola epidemic that broke out in a remote forest region in Guinea spilled over into neighboring Liberia. By July, it had swept through Monrovia and many other counties infecting nearly 2000 and the death toll—which continues to rise as I write— has exceeded 1000. The country has come to a standstill. Senate elections which were due for October have been postponed until December. On the economic front, increasing border closures with Liberia is negatively affecting trade flows, especially food imports.

Zambians must be sincere on Constitution

Vice President Guy Scott says the country could re-write the constitution within a month but Zambians are not sincere. Dr SCOTT says it is not the whole constitution which is defective but if Zambians were to reach consensus and send the needy parts of the constitution to parliament, enactment can take a few weeks.

The Vice President says government has the right to look at the final draft constitution before its released to the public because it needs to guide the nation on the way forward. 

Meanwhile, Dr SCOTT says ZNBC has tremendously improved its coverage in the last three years the Patriotic Front has governed Zambia.