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International assistance

The role of international or external support for national processes of constitution building has an instrumental impact on the design of these processes and the institutional choices that ultimately are framed in constitutions.

Training programme

The new Constitution Builders ACCESS Resource – is an interactive training tool that reinforces sharing experiences as a means to building the capacity of practitioners to solve some of the dilemmas that they face in constitution building.


The Handbook reviews and discusses some of the institutional and procedural design choices that practitioners have recently considered during contemporary constitution building.

Issue papers

Selected issues are considered at length based on emerging and ongoing dialogues among practitioners and specialists.


A collection of multimedia resources from and about constitution-building processes.

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The web links provide a comprehensive list of relevant organizations and partners working in constitution building and related subjects.

The region includes all of Africa plus the Middle East as far as Asia.

Head of Libya's Constitutional Drafting Assembly takes interest in Tunisian experience

Head of Libya's Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) Ali Abdessalem Tarhouni said he hoped his country would make the most of the Tunisian experience, a National Constituent Assembly (NCA) press release indicated.

Meeting Wednesday in Tunis with NCA President Mustapha Ben Jaafar, Tarhouni said "the success of the Tunisian experience will have a positive impact on the whole region."

Ben Jaafar said Tunisia is willing to "keep on supporting Libya to contribute to the success of its transition."

He spoke about Tunisia's drafting of its new Constitution amid an intensive dialogue between political players and civil society and a quest for consensus "which helped finalise a constitution that meets the expectations of Tunisians."

Namibia: Constitutional amendments passed

Parliament yesterday passed the Third Constitutional Amendment Bill that has been mired in controversy since its tabling last month ahead of the national elections.The passing of the Bill through parliament will now make way for the seats in the National Council to be increased from 26 to 42 and in the National Assembly from 72 to 96. 

It will also see the appointment of a vice president and allow the increase in the number of presidential appointments in the National Assembly from six to eight.

Other notable changes include making provision for the Namibia Central Intelligence Service in the Constitution and allowing the President to appoint the head of the intelligence agency, who will also become a part of the Security Commission

السودان: هل منح مشروع تعديل الدستور ما حال دونه الدستور؟

معلوم أن الهيئة التشريعية القومية بمجلسيها (المجلس الوطني ومجلس الولايات) من مهامها تعديل الدستور وفقاً لنص المادة91/2/أ من الدستور الانتقالي. فبموافقة ثلاثة أرباع جميع الأعضاء لكل مجلس من مجلسي الهيئة التشريعية في اجتماع منفصل لكلٍ منهما، يجوز تعديل الدستور وفقاً لنص المادة 224 من الدستور الانتقالي. وهذا بالتأكيد، أمر يسهل تحقيقه في ظل هيمنة حزب المؤتمر الوطني الحاكم على معظم مقاعد الهيئة التشريعية القومية. فبعد أن شارفت دورة الهيئة التشريعية القوميّة التاسعة على الانتهاء، مددت الدورة، وأُودع منضدة الهيئة التشريعية في الزمن الإضافي من عُمر الدورة مسودة مشروع تعديل الدستور. وقال أحد الإسلاميين حينها، أن الالتزام الأخلاقي هو الذي دفعهم إلى ذلك(!) فمشروع التعديل أودع –بحسبهم- بغرض تضمين اتفاقية الدوحة في الدستور الانتقالي.

موريتانيا: رئيس المجلس الدستوري يعلن رسميا تنصيب رئيس الجمهورية لمأمورية ثانية

رئيس المجلس الدستوري الأستاذ اسغير ولد امبارك

عبر رئيس المجلس الدستوري الأستاذ اسغير ولد امبارك في خطاب القاه مساء اليوم السبت خلال جلسة علنية للمجلس الدستوري، كرست لتنصيب الرئيس المنتخب السيد محمد ولد عبد العزيز رئيسا للجمهورية، عن اعتزازه بنضج الشعب الموريتاني وتهنئته لرئيس الجمهورية ، معلنا خلال الخطاب تنصيبه السيد محمد ولد عبد العزيز لمأمورية جديدة مدتها خمس سنوات. 

الجزائر: جدل حول عرض التعديل الدستوري على البرلمان أو طرحه للاستفتاء: أويحيى سلّم الرئيس بوتفليقة خلاصة المشاورات السياسية

سلّم مدير الديوان برئاسة الجمهورية، أحمد أويحيى قبل يومين، خلاصة المشاورات المتعلقة بتعديل الدستور التي عقدها مع الأحزاب السياسية والجمعيات والشخصيات الوطنية إلى الرئيس عبد العزيز بوتفليقة. وقالت مصادر موثوقة "إن أحمد أويحيى سلّم الأربعاء 20 أوت/أغسطس، الجزء الثاني من خلاصة المشاورات حول الدستور التوافقي للرئيس بوتفليقة بعد أن قدّم له يوم 08 أوت/أغسطس الجزء الأول، بغرض النظر فيه وتقديم رأيه، بعد مشاورات مطولة دامت أكثر من شهر، عقد فيها أحمد أويحيى 114 لقاء وتلقى حوالي 30 إسهاما كتابيا".

How absence of political will is compromising strong constitutional frameworks in the SADC region

Photo Credit: Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe

Gender equality and women's rights are guaranteed in most Southern African constitutions but these do not result in substantive equality for women. Among other struggles, women remain unequal, under-represented at all levels of decision-making and experience high levels of gender based violence (GBV). These conditions obstruct women from realising their human rights.

Has democracy been consolidated in South Africa?


Much argument over South African democracy revolves around the electoral dominance of the ANC and its repeated re-election as ruling party. Ten years ago I argued that there was nothing about ANC electoral dominance, in itself, that was necessarily antagonistic to constitutionalism. This was shown in political history, amongst other places in Sweden, where stable democracy coexisted with decades-long electoral dominance of the Social Democrats. 

Namibia: Govt praised for sympathetic ear on constitutional amendments

Prime Minister Dr Hage Geingob

Many minority parties have heaped praise on the government for listening to their concerns on some of the proposed constitutional amendments.

The only exception was the Congress of Democrats (CoD) which says the issue of amending the constitution was a non-starter, which should not have been brought up.

Prime Minister Dr Hage Geingob on Tuesday in the National Assembly announced that plans to hand parliamentary presidential appointees voting rights in the National Assembly had been dropped.

CoD president Ben Ulenga said changes to certain amendments should not be used as a bargaining chip by the ruling Swapo Party.

UNDP blamed for delays in Zambia’s CBP process

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Muhabi Lungu says Zambians should blame the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Patriotic Front (PF) for the delayed enactment of the new constitution because they short it down in 2011.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Zambia Reports on Monday 18 August 2014, Mr. Lungu says time has come to defend the MMD from unwarranted attacks.

He said it was important that Zambians are reminded of what happened during the National Constitution Conference."Late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa formed the NCC. The PF boycotted the NCC and its members who attended where suspended. The UPND participated," Muhabi said.

Audit of socio economic impact of Kenya’s Constitution to be made

The Office of the Auditor General has appointed an eleven-member working group to conduct the social economic audit of the constitution passed in 2010. The formation of the committee was approved by the National Assembly in February this year to provide the National Assembly with the necessary information and analysis to aid the execution of Parliament’s oversight mandate.