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The role of international or external support for national processes of constitution building has an instrumental impact on the design of these processes and the institutional choices that ultimately are framed in constitutions.

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The new Constitution Builders ACCESS Resource – is an interactive training tool that reinforces sharing experiences as a means to building the capacity of practitioners to solve some of the dilemmas that they face in constitution building.


The Handbook reviews and discusses some of the institutional and procedural design choices that practitioners have recently considered during contemporary constitution building.

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Selected issues are considered at length based on emerging and ongoing dialogues among practitioners and specialists.


A collection of multimedia resources from and about constitution-building processes.

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The web links provide a comprehensive list of relevant organizations and partners working in constitution building and related subjects.

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New Tanzania draft Constitution tackles legitimate concerns on the Union

Dr. Hamisi Kigwangalla via Wikimedia Commons

The presentation of the Draft of the Proposed Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania by the Warioba Commission to the Constitutional Assembly did provoke heated debate among the enlightened populace, but not so much among the rank and file, who are simply obsessed with personal survival and welfare rather than anything else.

Among the initial commentators of Draft Union Constitution were President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete and CUF Chairman Ibrahim Lipumba.

I have specifically singled out the two because their views on the three-tier union government structure were initially similar, until when the professor danced to another tune altogether once the Constituent Assembly was convened.

المؤسسة الملكية من خلال الدستور

لقد صوت المغاربة بنسبة عالية جدا على دستور 2011، وأصبح مرجعا لأقوالنا وأفعالنا. وأصبح من غير المعقول أن يتحدث الإنسان خارج هذا الإطار. ومن رأى غير ذلك فإن مساطر تعديل الدستور يكفلها الدستور ذاته. لهذه الاعتبارات ارتأيت أن ألامس اختصاصات وصلاحيات المؤسسة الملكية من خلال المقتضيات الدستورية. وهذا التحليل يتخذ مستويات متعددة نوجزها فيما يلي:

المستوى الأول:

من خلال الباب الثالث ابتداء من الفصل 42 إلى الفصل 59 من الدستور. والذي يؤكد على أن الملك أمير المومنين وحامي الملة والدين والضامن لحرية ممارسة الشؤون الدينية.

South Sudan: Communities Urged to Protect Constitution

A South Sudanese official has urged citizens to protect the country's Transitional Constitution, describing it as the guiding document for those interested in positions of power.Deng Hoc Yai, one of the ministers who accompanied president Salva Kiir to the United States, cited "Article 4, Section (iii) of The Transitional Constitution, 2011, which gives allows citizens to resist any person or group of persons who attempt(s) to overthrow the constitutional government, or suspend or abrogate this constitution.

"As law-abiding citizens of this country, it is our duty to resist the rebels and protect our constitution," environment minister Yai told the South Sudanese community gathered at a New York function.

Zimbabwe: Succession and the new Constitution

Succession Race: Mujuru battles it out with Mnangagwa

This is part of a recent report produced for the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum by the Research and Advocacy Unit [RAU] entitled ‘The Mortal Remains: Succession and The Zanu PF Body Politic’

Tanzania: New Constitution Moves Closer to Gender Parity

Photo: Daily News

ON Monday, this week, the Draft Committee of the Constituent Assembly (CA) completed its work and officially presented the corrected version of the new Constitution for endorsement through voting.

The draft contains different contentious issues such as rights of farmers, fishermen, artisans, livestock keepers and small-scale miners.

It also contains sections on the formation of both central and local governments, basic education required for persons interested in seeking parliamentary seats and the need to establish an organ that shall be responsible for fighting corruption.

المغرب: هل ترقى المحكمة الدستورية لمفهوم القضاء الدستوري الديمقراطي

 تميزت عملية "الرقابة الدستورية" خلال هذه المرحلة، من 1962 إلى 2011، بـ''الظهور البطيء والحذر" و"المحافظ''، من حيث "قوة وحجم و طبيعة"، القرارات المتخذة من طرف المجلس الدستوري، ومن ناحية أخرى، بـ"ضعف المكانة والوظيفة" على مستوى الهندسة القانونية وعدم القدرة على منافسة باقي المؤسسات الدستورية، و بـ"محدودية" مجال ووسائل عملها. وهذا ما جعل المجلس الدستوري المذكور يتعرض لكثير من النقض والاعتراض.

إن هذه المحدودية على رقابة المجلس الدستوري والانتقادات الموجهة إلى القضاء الدستوري المغربي، دفعت المشرع الدستوري إلى النص على مجموعة من التعديلات في دستور 2011، بهدف تجاوز هذه الثغرات وتدعيم دولة القانون، وذلك من خلال النص على إحداث محكمة دستورية، وتغيير تكوينها وتوسيع اختصاصاتها (الباب الثامن من الدستور).

ليبــيا: حكومة الثني تتوج شرعيتها بتأدية اليمين الدستورية أمام البرلمان المنتخب

توجت حكومة عبدالله الثني شرعيتها بتأدية اليمين الدستورية أمام البرلمان الليبي المنتخب الذي اعترف به المجتمع الدولي ويعتبرونه الممثل الشرعي الوحيد لليبيين، ورغم أن الثني التزم بتقديم تشكيلة حكومية مصغرة إلاّ أن منصب وزير الدفاع ظل شاغرا، وهو ما أثار جدلا بين النواب. وأمام تدهور الأوضاع، وحتى تتمكن الحكومة الجديدة من العمل، طالب البرلمان مجلس الأمن بتتبع المسلحين وتشكيل تحالف متوسطي لمكافحة الإرهاب.

Tanzania: Women Win More Space in Draft Constitution

Women members of the Constituent Assembly (CA) could leave Dodoma next week a joyful lot because the Draft Constitution contains most of their demands. The women succeeded to get their demands into the draft because they often held meetings, irrespective of their creed, ethnicity or political orientation. A burning desire to have their demands in the Draft Constitution, cemented by their gender, made them speak with one voice to effect their will.

Zambia: YALI Continues to Push for Delay of Constitution

The Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) has continued their lone pursuit of prolonging constitution-making process by meeting Justice Minister Edgar Lungu to present their 10 point plan. Lungu who has yet to indicate when he will accord the Grand Coalition on the constitution audience after the 10 day window for a second meeting lapsed, eagerly met YALI who have crossed paths with other pro-constitution advocates by saying a new constitution before the 2016 general elections is not possible.

YALI, which was expelled from the Grand Coalition after releasing its 10-point plan (seen as a capitulation to the desires of the ruling party), has enjoyed massive government support in their pursuit and hailed as 'patriots' by anti new constitution advocates.

Succession under the Constitution of Zimbabwe (Part 1)

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe

This year, I set out to write an account of the new Constitution of Zimbabwe – how it was made, the negotiating history of the clauses and the rationale behind them. It is by no means an authoritative text of the meaning of the constitutional clauses but hopefully, it gives some background to the thinking behind the clauses.