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International assistance

The role of international or external support for national processes of constitution building has an instrumental impact on the design of these processes and the institutional choices that ultimately are framed in constitutions.

Training programme

The new Constitution Builders ACCESS Resource – is an interactive training tool that reinforces sharing experiences as a means to building the capacity of practitioners to solve some of the dilemmas that they face in constitution building.


The Handbook reviews and discusses some of the institutional and procedural design choices that practitioners have recently considered during contemporary constitution building.

Issue papers

Selected issues are considered at length based on emerging and ongoing dialogues among practitioners and specialists.


A collection of multimedia resources from and about constitution-building processes.

Web links

The web links provide a comprehensive list of relevant organizations and partners working in constitution building and related subjects.

The region includes all of Africa plus the Middle East as far as Asia.

On the Virtues of Inconclusiveness: The Egyptian Constitution of 2014

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This is an opinion piece written by Gianluca Paolo Parolin and published by the GMF in the US and the Institute of International Affairs in Rome in January 2014. The title: "On the Virtues of Inconclusiveness: The Egyptian Constitution of 2014". "Contrary to popular belief, lack of this separati…
Publisher: GMF and IAI

Zimbabwe: Minister urges government to translate new Constitution into local languages

Government should translate the new Constitution into the country's 16 local languages to enable citizens to understand the country's supreme law, Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minister Cde Oppah Muchinguri has said. Speaking at the national women's constitutional conference on making the constitution work for women in Harare on Thursday, Minister Muchinguri said it was important to translate the Constitution to remove language barriers.

"The Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs should put the Constitution in our local languages so that people can read and fully understand the new supreme law," she said. "The same constitution recognises the 16 languages as official, hence there is need to translate the Constitution into these languages."

The Arab Uprising - State of Emergency and Constitutional Reform

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This paper was published in the (ASPJ Africa and francophoie \ 2nd Q 2014 - Vol 5 No.2), written by Andrej Zwitter, PhD. "Ever since the creation of constitutions that recognize the concept of states of emergency, dictatorial regimes have used emergency powers to consolidate their positio…
Publisher: APSJ Africa and Franophoie, 2nd Q 2014

Moroccan Exceptionalism Examined: Constitutional Insights pre- and post-2011

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This is a working paper No. 13/34 issued by the Institute of International Affairs (Istituto Affari Internazionali) in Rome in December 2013. The writer of this paper is PhD. Mohammed Hashas. Abstract:Compared to Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, Morocco’s political development looks like an oasis of …
Publisher: 2013-12-02

Congo: Kabila may change Constitution to hang onto power


The Democratic Republic of the Congo has constantly been a source of confusion and frustration for analysts and laymen alike. The central African country is blessed with a veritable treasure trove of natural resources including oil, timber, diamonds, gold, copper and several minerals such as tungsten and tantalum that have become immensely important on the world market due to their use in consumer electronics and cell phones.

Zambia: Law Association demands referendum on new Constitution rather than further debate

THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has asked government to release the Draft Constitution and subject it to a referendum and not to further debate it because citizens have made substantial contributions already. LAZ president George Chisanga says further debate on the draft constitution will not provide any positive responses as this was adequately done through submissions to the technical committee which was drafting the constitution.

Approving Tunisia election date marks last stage in constituent process—Ben Jaafar

President of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) Mustapha Ben Jaafar

The adoption of the piece of legislation setting the dates of the first legislative and presidential elections after the promulgation of the new constitution is "the last stage in the constituent process," said President of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) Mustapha Ben Jaafar. Ben Jaafar was speaking following a plenary session during which a bill on the election timeline was adopted.

He called the proposals contained in the draft law "realistic and based on objective data" and highlighted the commitment of all deputies not to introduce any changes to the election timetable and the proposals of the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE). 

Ghana Is Constitution review process fair for those with disabilities?

Alex Korsi Akpo, Ho Municipal President of Ghana Federation of the Disabled, has observed that the constitutional process appeared to have treated the interests of People with Disabilities (PWDs) flippantly. He was speaking to Ghana News Agency, on the sidelines of the Volta Regional Stakeholders briefing on the constitutional review implementation process.

Mr Akpo said right issues relating to PWDs should streak the constitution in the same measure as the review process deemed it for gender interests. He told the briefing that the Review Commission’s recommendation “that a retrofitted version of the Draft PWDs Regulations should be completed by the Disability Council and the Ministry in charge of Social Welfare for passage by Parliament” was disheveling.

Zimbabwe: Old laws need to change to conform to new Constitution

Hundreds of old laws in Zimbabwe need to be changed to conform with the southern African nation's year old constitution, which guarantees democratic rights but faces problems in its implementation, activists said Wednesday. Civic leaders from Zimbabwe said in Johannesburg that there was a growing debate about the discrepancy between the old legal framework and the constitution, which was adopted in a referendum in March 2013. In July of that year, President Robert Mugabe won another term of office in elections that the opposition charged were marred by fraud.

Diaspora Liberians urged to join constitutional review process

A member of Liberia's Constitution Review Committee (CRC) has told compatriots residing in Pennsylvania, United States of America (USA) to come out with recommendations that could lead to reforming the Constitution of Liberia. Dr. D. Elwood Dunn said though a draft of the reforms needed in the Constitution has been compiled in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County with representative views from the country's 15 counties, the CRC thought it prudent to incorporate the inputs of Liberians in the Diaspora so that the reformed Constitution will reflect the views of all Liberians.