Oday Mahmood

Job Title

Prof. Assistance


AlIraqia University



Area of Expertise

  • Conflict
  • Gender and constitutions
  • Diversity
  • Customary governance/legal pluralism
  • Human rights
  • Judicial system design
  • Minority issues
  • Participation
  • Power sharing (horizontal/vertical)
  • Religion
  • Security sector


  • The judicial review of  the balancing  the benefits and harms in the decision of Administrative)/ MSC study Mosul University College of Law in 2006

  • Authorities of provincial councils under the 2005 Constitution and the laws governing / research accepted for publication in the Journal of Al Refined of rights.

  • Notes at the teaching of human rights and democracy / article published in the newspaper and flashes university / number 64 in 4/3/2008

  • (Dr. Laila Abdullah Saeed source of tender)/ Article published in Flashes University newspaper / Issue 22 of 25.05.2006.

  • (Islamic sharia law in the Constitutional Drafting) A paper presented to the conference integrative role of scientific research in the legislative life which was organized by the Iraqi university in 2013.

  • (Jurist Hassan Ali Alznon) - research presented to the Scholars of  Iraq which  conference held by Iraqi University in 2013.

  • United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989, paper research for Seminar Class /2015.

  • Iraq after ISIS: Urgent Legal Reforms Needed. Oday T. Mahmood, Iraq after ISIS: Urgent Legal Reforms, JURIST - Student Commentary, May 16, 2017, http://jurist.org/dateline/2017/05/Oday-Mahmood-iraq-after-isis.php   

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