Silvana Siddali

Job Title

Eugene A. Hotfelder Professor of Humanities


Saint Louis University



Area of Expertise

  • Conflict
  • Gender and constitutions
  • Diversity
  • Customary governance/legal pluralism
  • Human rights
  • Judicial system design
  • Minority issues
  • Participation
  • Power sharing (horizontal/vertical)
  • Religion
  • Security sector


Frontier Democracy: Constitutional Conventions in the Old Northwest. Cambridge University Press, 2016.

Missouri’s War: The Civil War in Documents.  Ohio University Press, 2009.

From Property to Person: Slavery and the Confiscation Acts, 1861-1862. Louisiana State University Press, 2005.

““Better to Kill them Off At Once”: Race, Violence, and Civil Rights in Western State Constitutional Conventions, 1835-1865,” in preparation.

“The No-Confidence Movement at Saint Louis University: A Brief History,” in Ellen Carnaghan and Kathryn Kuhn, editors, No Confidence! No Fear! Power and Protest at an American University, forthcoming; Transaction Publishers, New Jersey.

“Regulating the Jackals of the Monetary World: Banking and Constitutional Reform in the Antebellum Northwest,” Western Historical Quarterly 44 (Winter 2013): 389-409.

“’Principle, Interest, and Patriotism all Combine’: The Fight over Iowa’s Capital City,” The Annals of Iowa 64 (Spring 2005): 111-38.

““Refined, Highfalutin’ Principles”:  The Northern Public and the Constitution in 1861-1862,” American Nineteenth Century History, 2 (2001):  60-81.

“The Sport of Folly and the Prize of Treason:  Confederate Property Seizures and the Northern Home Front during the Secession Crisis,” Civil War History, 47 (2001):  310-333.

Joel Perlmann, Silvana R. Siddali and Keith Whitescarver, “Literacy, Schooling and Teaching Among New England Women, 1780-1829” History of Education Quarterly, 37 (1997):  117-139.


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