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Constitutional Reform in Indonesia: A Retrospective

The constitution of any country defines the institutions by which that country governs itself, and indeed the relationship between the citizens of the country and its institutional framework. As such, it is a fundamentally political document, establishing the rights and duties of citiz…
Publisher: International IDEA

Shaping States through Constitutions

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From Nepal to Bolivia, from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Georgia, constitutions are increasingly becoming hot political issues. Obviously, they are no longer merely seen as rubber stamps to confer official dignity to established political power. More than half of the member states of the Unite…
Publisher: International IDEA

Making Presidentialism Work: Sharing and Learning from Global Experience

The question in the real world is most often not "should we choose a parliamentary or presidential system" but rather "how do we make our system work". There are generally contextual, historical and symbolic reasons for the institutional system that exists in a country, and i…
Publisher: International IDEA, UNAM

Constitution Building in Asia: the tipping point for democratization?

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Two important constitution-building processes currently underway in Asia are reaching a tipping point. The Nepali people elected members of a Constituent Assembly; while the Burmese people will vote on a draft Constitution. In this editorial issued in 2008, the SG of Internationa IDEA&…
Publisher: International IDEA

The Constituent Assembly of Nepal: An Agenda for Women

Nepal is making a new constitution, which will be a culmination of the People's Movement, and thus must be based on the aspirations of the people of Nepal. However gender-friendly Constitution may seem, it will not automatically lead to an increase in gender equality, but the …
Publisher: International IDEA

Public Consultation on a Draft Constitution: With Particular Reference to Women in Nepal

This paper is directed at the non-specialist member of the public who has the opportunity to comment on a draft constitution proposed for adoption in his country. It assumes that it is probably worthwhile to take the trouble to respond and it suggests why and how you as a cit…
Publisher: International IDEA

The Role of Constituent Assemblies in Constitution Making, Yash Ghai, International IDEA - 2012

What is a constituent assembly? What role does it play in the process of constitution making? How is it established? What is its structure and composition? How does it differ from other deliberative bodies with sovereign and constituent powers such as…
Publisher: International IDEA

The 10 Basic Minimum Principles of the Constitution of Zambia, Validated at Chisamba, Zambia on June 11, 2013

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This brochure includes all basic principles as validated at Chisamba in Zambia by a number of organizations on 11 June 2013, which must be followed in order for the Constitution to meet the aspirations of the people of Zambia. 

Yemen: The guarantees document of implementation the outputs of the comprehensive national dialogue conference

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This is the guarantees document of implementing the outputs of the comprehensive national dialogue conference. Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism and the UN Security Council Resolutions 2014 and 2051 decided to implement tasks to ensure the change of process and at the top of that …
Publisher: National Yemen website

اليمن: مخرجات اللجنة المصغرة لفريق القضية الجنوبية - اتفاق حول حل عادل للقضية الجنوبية

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في نص الوثيقة؛ مخرجات اللجنة المصغرة لفريق القضية الجنوبية - اتفاق حول حل عادل للقضية الجنوبية والذي صدر في العاصمة صنعاء بتاريخ 23 ديسمبر/كانون الاول 2013. اذ توص…
Publisher: مؤتمر الحوار الوطني الشامل