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Brief Account of Constitutional Development of Sierra Leone

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This is a document published by the Constitutional Review Committee in Sierra Leone, titled "Brief Account of Constitutional Development of Sierra Leone" by Bankole Clifford Ekundayo Morgan, a Human Rights advocate. 
Publisher: Constitutional Review Committee

تونـس: قرارات الهيئة الوقتية لمراقبة دستورية مشاريع القوانين

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صدر عن الهيئة الوقتية لمراقبة دستورية مشاريع القوانين عدد من القرارات والتي جرى نشرها في الجريدة الرسمية (الرائد الرسمي) في عددها الرقم 41 والصادر في 23 ماي/ايار 2014. …
Publisher: جريدة الرائد الرسمي

Trinidad and Tobago: Changing Our Constitution

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This study by Dr. Hamid Ghany is a Comparison of the Existing Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago and the Working Document on Constitutional Reform for Public Consultation, published in 2009.
Publisher: Draft Constitution Secretariat, The University of West Indies

The Constitutional history of Trinidad and Tobago - Caribbean Quarterly

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This is an article by on the Constitutional Histoy of Trinidad and Tobago, published in the caribbean Qaurterly in may 1960.
Publisher: The Caribbean Quarterly

Trinidad and Tobago: We are in a State

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This is a letter submitted by Senator Ivan Laughlin addressing the Senate on Constitution Reform in Trinidad and Tobago in 1975.
Publisher: Tapia House group

Trinidad and Tobago: The official Report on the Parliament Debates

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This is the official report of the Parliament Debates in the 2nd session of the 9th parliament of Trinidad and Tobago, opened on 17 Dec 2007. This report was published in 9 Jan 2009.
Publisher: The House of representatives

Grenada: Draft Constitution of 2006

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This is the Draft Constitution of Grenada as laid in Parliament on 18 Aug 2006.

Re-Drafting the Grenada Constitution

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The re-writing of the Constitutional text must capture the overarching sense of constitutive purpose which the people have variously defined in their submissions to the Constitution Review Commissions in 1985 and 2006. Re-writing the Constitution of Grenada purports to follow the Recommendations…
Publisher: Grenada Constitution Review Commission

Grenada Constitution reform - Recommendations by Grenada Consitution review Commissions

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This report contains recommendations by Grenada Consitution Review Commissions on Constitutional Reform, issued on 6 Feb 2014.
Publisher: Grenada Constitution Reform Advisory Committee

Election Provisions in Constitutions

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This is Briefing Paper 48 issued by the DRI in April 2014, titled "Election Provisions in Constitutions" summarises how constitutions implement the key elections standards, chiefly those given by the ICCPR.  Constitutions should take guidance from the obligations included in these treaties …
Publisher: Democracy Reporting International