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Tunisia: Changes and Challenges of Political Transition

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This paper was produced in the context of the MEDPRO (Mediterranean Prospects) project, authored by Maria Cristina Paciello in May 2011. AbstractFor 23 years, a combination of harsh repression and impressive socio-economic development in Tunisia ensured a certain level of stability of Ben Ali’s …
Publisher: Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)

Presidentialism vs. Parliamentarism in Turkey

This is Policy Brief No. 01, issued by the Institute of International Affairs in Rome. The Policy Brief titled: Presidentialism vs. Parliamentarism in Turkey is authored by Ergun Özbudun. "While Turkey is in the midst of a constitution-making process, the debate has re-sparked over the switch to…
Publisher: Stiftung Mercator, Instituto Affari Internationali, Istanbul Policy Center

Political Party Finance Regulation: Constitutional reform after the Arab Spring

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In support of constitution-building activities in the MENA region (e.g. in Libya, Tunisia and Yemen); the Constitutional Transitions Center of the Law School at NYU and International IDEA has prepared a series of thematic, comparative research reports in English and Arabic, on issues in con…
Publisher: International IDEA, NYU School of Law

Solomon Islands:1st 2009 Draft of the Federal Constitution

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This document is the 1st Draft in 2009 of the Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands.
Publisher: The Solomon Islands National Constitutional Congress

Solomon Islands: Draft of the Federal Constitution 2004

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This document is the Draft Constitution of 2004 of the Solomon islands.
Publisher: Provincial Institutional Strengthening and Development Unit

Solomon Islands: Draft of the Federal Constitution 2011

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This document is the Draft of the Federal Constitution 2011 of Solomon islands.

Kenya: Draft Constitution of 2010 (Swahili)

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This document is the Draft Constitution of 6 May 2010 of Kenya. 

ليبـيا: "رحلة وطن" - التقرير والتوصيات

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سعت منظمة ''محامون من أجل العدالة في ليبيا'' إلى تنفيذ نشاطاتٍ تفيد في نشر المعلومات حول عملية صياغة الدستور وتعريف المواطنين بها، وتعزيز أهمية إعداد دستور شامل وتمثيلي. وحرصاً على إضفاء الطابع الشخصي على العملية من خلال النشاطات الميدانية على الأرض، كانت الفكرة في نسج رابط بين الشعب الليبي ودست…
Publisher: منظمة محامون من اجل العدالة في ليبيا

Libya: ''Rehlat Watan'' - Report and Recommendations

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Rehlat Watan, or 'Journey of a Nation', is a constitutional bus tour and mobile event which traveled to several Libyan cities and towns. At each destination, all members of the community were invited to participate in a “Constitution Day” held in coordination with local Libyan organisa…
Publisher: Layers For Justice in Libya (LFJL)

Solomon Islands: Constitution of 1978

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This document is the Constitution of 1978 of Solomons islands and it includes the Solomon Islands Independence Order 1978.
Publisher: 1978-07-03