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Constitution Building: A Global Review (2013)

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International IDEA has released a new report in Septemebr 2014 on Constitution Building titled: Constitution building: A Global Review (2013). This report provides a review of a series of constitution building processes across the world, highlighting the possible connections between th…
Publisher: International IDEA

UK: The Conservative Agenda for Constitutional Reform

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This report by Prof Robert Hazell from the Constitution Unit of the UCL, was published in 2010 by the UCL in London. The Conservative party have a big agenda for constitutional reform in the next Parliament, including big commitments of their own, and unfinished business from Labour’s …
Publisher: University College London, Department of Political Science

Non-Executive Presidents in Parliamentary Democracies

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Primary author: W. Elliot Bulmer

Judical Appointments

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Primary author: W. Elliot Bulmer

Direct Democracy

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Primary author: W. Elliot Bulmer

Malta: A Review of The Constitution of Malta at Fifty: Rectification or Redesign?

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The aim of this review is to consider what lessons may be learnt about Malta’s constitution making from the experience of the last fifty years, and to propose improvements to the Constitution as a baseline document for further consideration by a national Constitutional Convention. It addres…
Publisher: The Today Public Policy Institute (TPPI)

Funding of Political Parties and Election Campaigns: A Handbook on Political Finance

All political parties need funding to play their part in the political process, yet the role of money in politics is arguably the biggest threat to democracy today. This global threat knows no boundaries, evident across all continents from huge corporate campaign donations in the United States a…
Publisher: International IDEA

The Role of Constitution-Building Processes in Democratization - Case Studies

International IDEA conducted during 2004 and 2005 a comparative study of the role of constitutions and constitution-making processes in situations of democracy building and conflict management. The case studies look into 12 countries and provide an analysis of the role of constitution-building pr…
Publisher: International IDEA

أنظمة تمويل الاحزاب السياسية - الاصلاح الدستوري بعد الربيع العربي

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يقوم مركز العمليات الانتقالية الدستورية بإعداد سلسلة من التقاريرالبحثية المقارنة حول قضايا تتعلق بتصميم الدساتير نشأت في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا. وقد كان زيد العلي، كبير مستشاري المؤسسة الدولية للديمقراطية والانتخابات في مجال بناء الدساتير، مستشارالمركز حول هذه التقارير وأشرف على مشاركة المؤس…
Publisher: المؤسسة الدولية للديمقراطية والانتخابات، مركز العمليات الانتقالية بكلية الحقوق في جامعة نيويورك