Libya's CDA officially announces adoption of draft constitution

25 April 2016
Members of the CDA (photo credit: Libyan Express)
Members of the CDA (photo credit: Libyan Express)
<p>The Construction Drafting Assembly (CDA) has announced it finished the constitution draft, pointing that the amended draft of the Work Committee has been adopted.</p><p>The Chairman of the CDA, Al-Jilani Erhouma, said in a statement Thursday that the draft will be given to the specialized authorities to conduct a poll and see the Libyans’ reaction to it as soon as possible.</p><p>Meanwhile, a lot of CDA members are still boycotting the meetings in protest against the draft, which is now adopted, as they say it doesn’t speak for all Libyans and it does manifest the tribal and regional division that the Work Committee is establishing.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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