Op-ed: Is Zimbabwe’s Constitution all sail and no anchor?

By Abdulai Mansaray, 20 November 2017
Robert Mugabe (Photo credit: Flickr)
Robert Mugabe (Photo credit: Flickr)
When the world heard that the army in Zimbabwe had held the relic and monument of Zimbabwean politics Robert Mugabe, there was a noticeable and palpable sigh of relief. This was not only a sign of the end of an era but was seen as the beginning of another. The role of Mugabe in the Independence of Zimbabwe is well documented. The history of Zimbabwe will not be complete without Robert Mugabe. The country and the people will be eternally grateful for all what he did for the country. In fact, they have more than over compensated and over ingratiated Mugabe for his efforts in leading their country to independence, by their sheer patience and tolerance of his demagoguery, FOR 37 YEARS. Even people who are given life sentences sometimes have the privilege of a parole. He never gave that to his beloved country.
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