Zambia's President calls on public officers to ignore constitution debate

18 February 2014
<p>PRESIDENT Michael Sata has said Zambia already has a Constitution in place and that public officers should not be part of the debate about a new Constitution since they swore to uphold the current <span class="IL_AD">document</span>.</p> <p>“Don’t talk about the Constitution,ignore those who are talking about the Constitution every day. We already<br> have a Constitution in place which you swore to uphold,” the President said.</p> <p>The President was speaking at State House this morning during the swearing ceremony of former Kitwe Town Clerk Ali Simwinga as Zambia’s Ambassador to Egypt, Godwin Phiri as Commissioner of Police at State House and Pride Kabuswe and Robert Kasezya as public policy specialists, policy analysis and coordination division at Cabinet Office.</p>
Read the full article here: Lusaka Times


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